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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> eric: ladies and gentlemen, it's down to nine. hello, everyone, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and gregoire. it's 5:00 on the step 5 -- and . it's 5:00 on the steps of the u.s. supreme court. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: today was the third and final day of arguments in front of the u.s. supreme court. in the balance, the future of president obama's signature legislation obamacare. based on bipartisan analysis the court seemed to be leaning toward killing the linchpin of obamacare, the individual mandate. certainly good news for conservatives who feel obamacare stretches well beyond the constitution. and ventures down the road toward socialism. and on cue, democrats crawl out from under the rocks, james carville trying to spin a loss from president obama at the high court. >> i think that this will be the best thing that happened to the democratic party. i think healthcare costs are going to escalate
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unbelievably. you know what the democrats are going to say and it's completely justified? we did something, we tried. the republican party will own the healthcare system for the foreseeable future. >> eric: okay. republicans own healthcare, don't you mean, james, conservatives fair america from the chokehold of a president who is so self-indulgent he executed a law that 70% of disagree with. bobby, oh, boy, not looking good for mandate in chief. >> eric: mandate in chief. 70% is the wrong figure. it averages out under 50%. there are more people who oppose it than favor it. look at the last two polls from gallup and abc. >> eric: they put it there. >> bob: we can argue over numbers. more people don't like it than like it. i agree. the point is if they take the mandate out it will affect big portions of the bill. it probably will mean that premiums will go up. my guess is they will not kill
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the bill entirely. if they take the mandate out. they will leave other parts in. and it will mean to cause premiums to go up on the insurance policy and we'll blame republicans for it. >> eric: what will the spin, the spin doctors come out right away on the heels of what looks to be 5-4 decision against the mandate. >> andrea: if they say the mandate is unconstitutional. this is a huge loss for the president. this was his biggest signature piece of legislation. so this will be a huge failure for the white house. i think what carville, not like i pretend to know what is in brain, but i think what he was trying to say is this will take out the most controversial and unpopular parts of it. so if you strip that, and you strip what the solicitor general what he argued today, all right, guys, judges if you take away the mandate, then i ask you take away the preexisting condition and also what is called the community clause, where you can't discriminate based on zip code. the solicitor general in my opinion is arguing defeat.
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thaw are cutting medicaid cost and they'll talk about the medicare panel and still talk about the employer mandate. they can talk about the other things. this is a 27,000-page bill. >> eric: 2,700. >> andrea: 2,700-page bill. they can say the bad stuff is gone the rest is all good. >> eric: if the supreme court says it's unconstitutional, the individual mandate, the supreme court itself said won't it bankrupt insurance companies? >> dana: they did ask that question but asked is the rest of the bill not work? did it hinge on the individual mandate? i think there are, there could be a lot of agreement on some things as preexisting conditions. they could get to bipartisan agreement on a lot of things. conservatives deserve credit for making good arguments, they were persuasive enough to get the 68% of americans think it's unconstitutional. it doesn't meeb they don't want healthcare reform. that's significant achievemen
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achievement. on carville, rarely are political pundits exactly accurate in their analysis. and when they start spinning early on for example in 2010 when they had the mid-term election and the white house was about to lose, they started to spin right away because they knew. i felt like the white house was making an attempt today to start one, painting the court as a crazy court. illegitimate. but imagine if they win. what if it goes 5-4 their way? is it then still illegitimate crazy court? they're on shaky ground. >> eric: first, beautiful suit. >> greg: thank you. finally you noticed. i've been sitting here for six months and now you say something. james carville, good to see he hasn't aged since they discovered him in a wall in pyramid. if he spun faster he would take off like a helicopter. according to his logic, if mitt romney is elected president that is a great step for democrats. >> dana: everything is good.
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always spin. >> greg: this is exactly what a guy says when he gets dumped by a fiancee. this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. i'm going to go to gym. everything is going to be awesome. i feel great. then he goes home and eats package of oreos in bed and cries himself to sleep. dabs save me from myself. >> bob: what carville said makes sense. if this goes down, mandate goes down and most of the guts of the bill are taken down, you still have 40 million uninsured americans. now it's up to the republicans to do something about that. >> dana: not true. >> bob: yes, it is. >> andrea: they argue about medicaid. that would mean 17 million americans would get coverage under medicaid. the court, though we are unsure likely how it will rule is probably going to keep the medicaid and medicare provisions in place. >> bob: if i could finish my thought. let's assume that this is 30 million people uninsured. it is then up to the republicans to tell us if you
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believe the people should be insured, because when they go and get healthcare, the rest of us are paying for it. what is the republican answer. they don't have a single answer. >> eric: rather than dictate the merit of the healthcare bill i'm curious how both sides are spinning. this is what jeffrey said off the supreme court, listening to the argument today. a lefty leaning supreme court watcher. "it's hard to imagine how things could be going much more for the obama administration." i agree with this. you can't spin this this. >> bob: one of the conservesive justice on the conservative court asked tough questions along the same lin lines. the vote came out, they voted in favor of it. i think you have to be careful with all due respect to him, but trying to read tea leaves on the supreme court by asking the questions they asked is crazy. >> eric: is it crazy?
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>> dana: well, look, i think where arguably you look at his analysis over the years and said he probably, if he were on the court, he probably would have been nominated by a democrat. it's sound from a legal perspective. not just jeffrey tubin but looking at the legal eagles today, who are commenting on it, they just, they had that argument. it's not that they are bad lawyers. they're very good lawyers. but they are trying to defend is indefensible. i think the justices were asking good questions. got to the nub of the problem. >> bob: even roberts today said this is unique, this case. this is not like when forcing people to say, car insurance, and roberts said wait, this is an entirely different thing. healthcare system is unique in all, in america. that will affect everybody. he is right. >> eric: does it not strike
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you as strange on the two-year anniversary of the signing of obamacare there was no mention by president obama? he flew to the korean peninsula after that. do they want to own it or pass it? g they want to pass it. they have no one to blame by themselves. bob talking about the republicans who a left holding the bag. but president obama let nancy pelosi hijack the process. it could have been a mature legislative process but instead, midnight rendezvous. i don't think he recovered from the odious gavel walk. remember that? >> dana: the thing on carville, what i saw was cynical. he is not the only one making it because they're organizeded and all making the same point, the democrats win either way. the question has to be then, does president obama want a solution or a political issue? i think that there is a way for him to come up with a solution where he could right
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now go to them for the republicans and say let's get these four things done together. >> andrea: the biggest factor is the employer mandate. if you talk about the economy recovering. think about the businesses. businesses will still be forced to cover employees. a lot of the employees are saying we're hit the hardest in the sound economy. this is the strongest argument. hold on. for appealing obamacare. to greg's point about the analogy going to carville, like a girlfriend that no one likes and she is bad. carville says take out the worst part of the girlfriend, right? don't make her so mean. maybe make her dress better or bake cookies. obama says this is my girlfriend without the bad things. >> bob: of all the tax loopholes and there is an interesting chart on this, the employer insurance they can take off the tax, if they don't -- before you're upset about this. fine, pay taxes -- wait, wait, wait. >> andrea: argument -- >> bob: wait. corporate welfare is the worst. if you want to do this and don't want to do away with
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obamacare, fine. do away with the tax exemption for employers. >> eric: remember what sparked the tea party? obamacare. the debate over the obamacare. check this out yesterday on cavuto's show. watch. >> the president of the united states promised to heal us all, he can't take responsibility for one thing. he can try to use the healthcare law, the supreme court line of questioning is beautiful because it goes back to what the tea party said all along. what does the united states constitution do? it protects us as individual. >> eric: well said, ladies. with passion. >> bob: this is a good example of tea party. that's a person i'd like out in front if i was the tea party public relations. >> andrea: we need them. the republicans has an enthusiasm problem. >> greg: if you're on the right, if you're enthusiastic you're hate speech. >> bob: you think that was a coherent statement? >> eric: very coherent. very, very excited.
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up front and center. they stated the case. i agree with them 100%. coming up, jay leno spoofs president obama over the hot mic incident with comrade dmitry medvedev. >> president obama got in hot water over the open microphone incident with the russian president. he implied once he was re-elected he would be more free to help the russians. but see, it wasn't that open mic incident. it's what happened later when the mic was still open. they didn't realize. show that. >> eric: all right, you have to stick around. we'll be back with that. don't forget to e-mail us at we'll be back in a moment. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travelards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge.
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sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! wh's in your wallet? cayou play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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indomnable. >> indomnable. >> marco rubio. >> the american dream. >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan. um, creative. >> rick santorum.
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>> press secretary. yeah. >> dana: all right. i think for politicians, arguably the hardest program to go on are the comedy programs, especially if it's not your strong suit. what do you think? you're a comedic kind of guy. did you like that? >> greg: i feel discomfort when i see a republican do a talk show. they don't make jokes for a living. they make money for a living. they look out of place. they ask him to give him one word to describe each person. he is so entitled. he is free when he's talking about it. go ahead. bob. hot, loveable, tough, adorable. >> dana: you useded those. >> greg: i'm being safe. >> dana: one thing that eric teased for us from the "a" block to the "b" block is something that's my favorite topic of the week. hot mic speak. when leno starts making fun of
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you, you know you have a problem. >> what happened later when the mic was still open? they didn't realize it. show that. >> the president, would you do me the honor of singing that song one more time? >> ♪ i'm so in love with you >> dana: actually, that probably would have been like a better thing to have said, instead of whispering -- >> greg: didn't he really say that in >> dana: i don't know. andrea, when "saturday night live," leno or letterman, when your issue of the day, your problem reached their program, you know something is up. >> andrea: you know it's as will of control and you can't get it back. at this stage of the game, you ask why didn't we try to do something sooner? this is not a good thing. because this is a foreign
2:18 am
affairs issue and everyone is so focused on the economy, it's probably not going to hit home as much. >> dana: this proves my point. nothing good ever happens on a presidential foreign trip. right, bob? >> bob: yeah. i mean, that's right. >> dana: something always happens that messes you up back home. >> bob: hard to keep it scripted on foreign soil. you have foreign press and it's, i have been on them, you have been on them. they're tough. >> dana: eric, i want to go to you. there is polling that shows that president obama doesn't have as much problems at home as he thought. a lot of polling in the swing state, showing in a matchup with either romney or santorum, he is way ahead. do you think this is the result of the primary that drug on for so long? >> eric: yes, i think so. until we get to one nominee. you are probably going to see it skewed. this gets to romney,
2:19 am
inevitable at this point. the number gets closer. >> bob: much bigger problem. look at the polls, among independents the unfavorability is 50%. that is a dangerouser the rory to be in going -- territory to be in going in to election. not the kind of guy that brings polls back. >> eric: women, president obama is doing against romney very well -- >> bob: beating him handily in ohio, pennsylvania and illinois. >> dana: one of the last poll flashed at the end was about the grass prices, greg. 68 -- gas prices, greg. 68% of people are angry about gas prices with the president. it wasn't all coming up roses. >> greg: this is one thing that romney has going to him. if he can tie it to the killing of the pipeline, this is his ace in the hole. a card phrase. >> dana: i like that. i thought it was golf. >> greg: it is.
2:20 am
a great issue to show the president naivety. >> bob: what they are not showing is who do people blame for it. they blame the oil company. not one, they blame the oil companies, not obama. >> eric: put that poll up. the one you just put up. put it up again. does anyone find it disturbing that 24% of the people approve of the way he has dealt with the gas prices? >> bob: why do you expect anyone to approve when you have $4 gas? there is polling that says who is to blame for it. they don't blame obama. they blame big oil. >> andrea: if you look back at polling, people believe that president obama can do something about it by an overwhelming majority. the reason the numbers in the swing states are down is the primary. once you get two candidates that can go against each other, things will be better. one thing that romney should
2:21 am
have, and he doesn't. you think the one thing a candidate has in a presidential would be energized base. like 2010. they had an energized base. you don't see that. $20 million in ads. low voter turn-out. the base is not energized for romney. in thats a sneak is tough to galvanize. >> dana: there are two other people in the race. on monday you rode up on the train with candidate and former speaker newt gingrich. last night there was news he laid out a third of his staff and making changes. did you tell him to do that? >> bob: it shows that the money is trying up for him. they changed the new position. they fired the campaign manager. i was almost fired when they were beaten by gary hart. then they may conventional strategy.
2:22 am
>> andrea: they are selling dog headbands. >> dana: i'm going to get one. >> eric: he can get re-elected. i'll open up the envelope and drop gasoline prices $1 immediately. on twitter they're going there is a picture of you. >> dana: there is something in there. it's like the golden ticket. >> bob: if you really got something, what about the people who can't afford the gas prices. do them a favor and bring it out now. >> eric: give them another spot. president obama, steven chu, get together and open it up for you. >> bob: be a good american and bring it out. >> dana: we're getting out of here. directly ahead, remember the story of the pilot locked out of his cockpit. then taken off a plane in handcuffs and it's all caught on tape. we have more of that when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: hey, for those of you who might be afraid of flying. i used to hate it when i was drinking but now it doesn't bother me. think about this. on a jetblue flight from jfk to las vegas, have fun, gamble, booze. all of a sudden out of a cockpit comes the captain, screaming like a madman about all kind of thing, trying to burst its way in a closed bathroom. comes running down and then the guy gets arrested for interference with the crew. he is the crew.
2:28 am
what happened? we got video of what the passengers did. i know what i would have done. i'm supposed to keep talking. i tell you what i'd do. bend over and put your head between your legs and kiss my arse goodbye. no -- >> dana: you're so flexible. wow, bob! >> bob: take it on themselves to stop people going crazy on planes and jumping all over people. but the pilot, you know what else happened? a guy who was a pilot but he wasn't -- you think free trip, right? he had to go in and land the plane. what if he hadn't been there? the copilot. your brother is a pilot. what did your brother say about this? did you talk to your brother? >> andrea: i did. they used to do psychological testing of pilots and they stopped doing that. i wonder if it sparks a debate -- i don't know why they stopped.
2:29 am
maybe the cost reason. they used to test them psychologically, which doesn'tbe seem like a bad idea. a lot of pilots are underpaid. they trimmed down the staff. they're working multiple shifts. we have done reports on the fox news channel. they're grounded, they are exhausted a lot of family pressure. they are being worked by the company. but this is a different case. this guy does seem to have psychological problems. >> eric: what about you? >> bob: would you fly on that? >> eric: i don't think he had a choice. he went through the preflight stuff and lost it in midaye. when they subdued him, he broke through the plastic handcuffs. i guess they should be, the restraint if you have an unruly passenger or pilot, so it doesn't happen. >> eric: don't they have marsh on planes? >> dana: it's random.
2:30 am
>> bob: do you like to fly? >> greg: no. i usually medicate myself. this an airline that doesn't show movie. out of the -- [ inaudible ] this is pure misunderstanding of the mad and hell scene in network. he did a tremendous job. he was fantastic albert finney. they are getting the wrong -- whatever they call it. >> bob: when i was afraid to fly. i did everything. somebody said look, bob, when your time is up, your time is up. my answer is if you are at 35,000 feet and the guy next to you time is up, you have to go down, too. somebody has been bad on the plane. >> greg: the guy when he was subdued ranted about jesus, september 11, iraq, iran and terrorists. he would be great on cable television.
2:31 am
>> eric: a quick story. back in another day when i had the oil company and i used to fly customers to l.a. took a flight, got there. landed. my mother happened to be staying at my house with my wife. honey, sorry, they got into a huge brawl. i got the phone and said you have to come back. cut the trip short. on the way home the pilot comes on and says well're having problems here. in the background, you hear erg, erg. they had emergency and lost the ruter. whatever this one is. literally it took two hours to land the plane in phoenix. i am telling you, the things that go through your mind when you think the plane is going down. >> bob: my exmother-in-law, thanksgiving, i went over for the first time at thanksgiving and my mother comes in who i couldn't stand and she said, dana perino is great on "the five" and you're awful. i just want to take the wheelchair and -- >> andrea: by the way, some pilots -- pilots -- i hear you poke your
2:32 am
head in the cockpit to say hello. >> bob: i do. most know about "the five." coming up, did 53-year-old pop diva madonna glorify drug expasssecstasy to a bunch of ki? i hope not. that's when we come back and more. ♪ ♪ what makes the sleep number store different? the sleep number bed. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. wow! that feels really good. it's hugging my body. in less than a minute i can get more support. if you change your mind once you get home you can adjust it. so whatever you feel like, the sleep number bed's going to provide it for you. at our semi-annual sleep sale, save $400 to $700 on our most popular bed sets. sale ends march 31st. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." that was a song off madonna, material girl's new album. the album initials are mdna. like she is abbreviating her name. but that is close to the drug
2:38 am
ecstasy, ndma. recently, madonna stirreded up controversy by -- i can't get obama out of my head. she controversially asked a crowd at a music festival if they had actually tried to drug. take a listen. >> i have a few questions for you. how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> andrea: now molly is slang for the drug ecstasy. should a 53-year-old madonna who has a new album out use these publicity stunts when she is the mother of four, at her age and talking about drugs? not a good influence. what is imagine trying to do this time -- what is madge trying to do this time? >> dana: i used to love her songs but this kind of thing bugs me. i knew what -- i didn't know what mdna was.
2:39 am
i had no idea. when i saw the album cover name i didn't think it was not awesome. how many parents sent their kids there to think it would be fun for them to do. parents aren't that naive, they know they get up to some stuff. the star of the show, they probably paid $100 for a ticket to encourage kids to do a job that is not harmless. it's back. >> greg: molly was a lost cat. she was doing -- >> dana: not an outrage. you owe her and america an apology. not going to get it. >> greg: this sounds age lest. she's old so she can't have fun? >> eric: she was the halftime act at the bowles. why madonna, don't get it. mmadonna making a comeback. hundreds of millions of people around the world. this comes out and tanks. not only that, mtv is not playing the video. in the video -- >> dana: do you see how many people yelled back.
2:40 am
three-quarters of them. >> dana: where was the concert? >> andrea: in miami. even music producers have come out and chastised it. >> bob: hallucinogenic. it has long-term bane effects. >> greg: she thought it was a brand name for metamucil. >> andrea: to the weird to the weirder. alicia silverstone, remember her from the movie "clueless." as if. we'll put a picture of her up. she posted a video of herself there. she is from the famous movie. feeding her 11-month-old son bear blue from her mouth. look at this. i first heard this and i thought she was chopping up the food and feeding it to her son. she is not chopping it up and spitting it out. he is looks like she is kissing him but feeding him with her mouth. is this environmental thing? she is a vegan and saving -- >> eric: this is a whacky
2:41 am
hollywood idea. really, really weird stuff. our doctor seigel on the fox news channel saying there is bacteria and things in your mouth, you don't want to pass along to a toddler, 11-month-old. who is susceptible to diseases. >> andrea: bob, your ex-girlfriends used to do this. >> bob: it's not the greatest thing in the world for a kid. everybody has done it. >> dana: everybody's done it? [ laughter ] >> bob: what is the name of the movie? what was the name of the movie? >> andrea: "clueless." >> bob: i never saw it. >> greg: her 11-month-old child name is bear blue. so, if this is any kind of surprise. >> eric: this is like child abuse. bear blue. >> greg: that kid will grow up and be really grounded. >> dana: that is how people used to feed their kid. bears.
2:42 am
on the caveman diet, right, i would imagine when they were chewing the meat, you chewed it up to then give it to your kid because you didn't have tools to do it. this is going way back. i'm really trying here to help her. no, i'm just saying -- that's how dogs do it. >> greg: that's how i feed captain sparkles. >> dana: in caveman days. >> bob: chomp down on it. >> greg: i don't date rabbits. >> andrea: i know why bob hasn't had a date in a couple of days. >> bob: i don't think it's so bad. >> andrea: coming up, finally looking out for the kids. they're been aing the words "birthday" and "dinosaur" and "dancing" from some school material. our own greg gutfeld has thoughts. ♪ ♪ having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait.
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go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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♪ ♪ >> greg: they are really punishing me. so new york city educators nixed references to
2:47 am
"dinosaurs" on test fearing they might upset fundamentalist students. the exams can't also mention birthdays because some don't celebrate them. halloween is out. dancing is banned because some religions object to it. wealth is evil because it may cause jealousy among the kids. the department of education insists this is not son somewhereship, however, this is just -- not censorship and it's a way to reduce distractions. cool. we're no longer raising dumb kids but weak-willed ones, too. they will be pushovers when gregory junior comes of age, the ferret. what else do you expect from the bubble-wrappeded culture, where hurt feelings replace for truth and symbolism passes for action. why stop start. why not been a things that disturb everyone. talking about celery. bjork. soy beans. the word dove tail. pogo sticks. people who say "really" all the time. really?
2:48 am
soap box derbies or any surgery containing the word enhancement. and people who dress their cats. finally, pin-headed educrats who think the idiotic touchy-feely social engineerment is placement for teaching kids to live in the real world. been a them and they might survive. but generation of wimps means more service for me. we were talking about this over lunch today at 21. delightful. thank you for paying. i'm kidding. you just said you couldn't believe the story. right? >> dana: i actually thought it was a joke. it looked at it, really, is this possible? when the department of education put out a statement blaming what it was all about, you know -- i know conservatives are made fun for abolishing department of education. really? i just said it. oh, no! i have to put a quarter in the jar. i was thinking today, one of the biggest concerns and competition from other
2:49 am
councilman and how they essential kate our children. can you imagine? you been a dinosaur. i don't understand that. i don't understand why get upset about dinosaur. >> eric: how can you understand halloween? >> dana: i mean, the explanation of paganism and some religions don't allow dancing but who is against dinosaurs? >> greg: there are a lot. >> bob: i read this and it said rich people and dinosaurs, i assumed they meant eric. i'm only kidding. i can't, still can't believe -- i don't care who comes up with the statement. i can't believe this is true. i am not politically correct. >> eric: in little league, there is no one or loser anymore. in little league football no, winner or loser. everyone has to feel good about just playing the game.
2:50 am
>> andrea: in an effort to be tolerant they're intolerant to pai those who love dinosaurs. you have can't say computers or household because they refer to wealth. this is bigger than trying to offend religion. this is sheltering kids for real life. you can't say poverty. they don't hav have any idea wht the real world is. >> bob: what about the separation of state? this should haven't anything to do with it. separation of church and state. i think we get blamed and the liberals are blamed all the time. we're not. we come up with these things because of the conservatives. i don't want to blame conservatives. >> greg: i'm going to blame you for everything.
2:51 am
>> dana: i want the record to go we did not go to lunch. i'm so hungry. >> bob: you are always hungry. >> dana: i did, but i didn't get good snack. popcorn. >> bob: no salt. how do you have popcorn without salt? how did we get here? >> greg: i want to hear more about your food. >> dana: anybody that pu puts -- >> greg: all right, one more thing is next. tonight, half a billion lottery. biggest in history. if you leave now i won't tell you tonight's winning numbers and i know them. i do. ♪ ♪ ng one of those days? tired. groggy. can't seem to get anything done. it makes for one, lousy day. but when you're alert and energetic... that's different.
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2:56 am
is a watch guy. because it's florida you can carry guns around. he pursued this kid because he thought he was a person of interest. black kid with a hooded sweatshirt in front of a white community. zimmerman pursues him. calls 9/11 and says i'm pursuing this guy and 9/11 said stop. don't do it. he continues to do it and they get in an altercation. he shoots the kid and the kid is dead. cops show up and they let him go. you know why? florida has a stay on your ground law, signed by jeb bush that allows you to carry guns around if you're threatened. anywhere, you can shoot people. nra is big supporter on it. >> eric: got to move on. >> andrea: all right. so i was off for a couple of days but before i went i got to go to vermont. what did you say? the least favorite state. >> dana: i don't understand the point. i'm glad you went. >> andrea: i went to middlebury college, stronghold on the liberal corner. on the right is the college republicans for middlebury.
2:57 am
she is great. they don't have a big group but they are active. she said they did an event with one of the groups on campus that represent gay students and a student came out and said you know what? it was harder for me to come out as a gay man on campus than for these guys to come out as conservative on campus. >> dana: surprised two women. i expected to see two guys. >> andrea: they're so active and smart and have the courage to stand up outnumbered. keep it up. >> eric: got to go. >> greg: also like to make a comment on the trayvon scandal. if you have an opinion that exists independently of an incident then your opinion is probably unnecessary. meaning if you always felt that america is a racist country, then any incident that occurs is irrelevant, you will always fill that way. not you. >> dana: i have something that people can go online to see a sneak preview of something launched by the george bush institute today. freedom collection. the first of its kind.
2:58 am
active living archive showcase of personal story of activist and we have sound for you. >> there were extraordinary moments during the bush administration when president bush invited them to the oval office or went to governor's island. we wanted ordinary americans to have the experience that president bush had, to see courage and conviction of the people. >> dana: there are a lot of interviews with people like dalai lama. and others. i encourage people to go on to see the sneak peek. >> eric: all right. very nice. one more thing, mine is megamillions is going to be $500 million. half a billion dollars by friday. i bought a ticket for all of us. i took 15, 25, 35, 45, 55. my megamillion power ball
2:59 am
number is 5. appropriately. >> dana: what is the five for? kidding! >> glenn: you win. >> if i win, it tithe and a lot of money on homeless dogs. >> bob: if it wins we get equal amount? >> glenn: are we fighting it out in court like most people do. >> what would you do if you won? >> bob: you don't want to know. i'd give a bunch of it away and do things that probably most people wouldn't. that's what i'll say. >> greg: i take half a million and buy a half a billion lottery tickets. that's what i would do. >> dana: i just was raised to never think i was going to win anything like that. i'm at a loss. >> unlike new york city schools, beach house with swimming pool. >> that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you manana.


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